Design Process

01 Consultation

To begin the wine cellar design process, Wine Cellars Limited meets with you to determine size, function, and style of the wine cellar. The wine cellar design process usually takes place on-site, but it may also be done via conference call to accommodate clients.


What types of wine do you typically buy and store? Will there be a need for a sitting or tasting area in your cellar? What is the estimated budget?

  • Proper room preparation
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
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02 Design

Once the size, function, components, and style are determined, one of our talented designers creates drawings denoting measurements and wine storage configurations. The final drawings are presented with a formal quote for review and approval. Wine Cellars Limited is committed to fulfilling all your expectations, and will continue working with you until the design meets your vision.
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03 Build

Your wine storage area is prepared by professional craftsmen to our specifications. The wine cellar cabinetry is fabricated by experienced woodworkers who manicure every piece to exacting standards of tolerance, fit, and finish.

Wine Cellars Limited craftsmen then bring the wine racks to your location where they assemble it the exact design specifications. They also install wine cellar cooling systems, tabletops and counters, and other design components to bring your vision to reality.

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